Global Expeditions

USA – Orlando KSC-Space Program

An unforgettable journey through space at the Orlando Space Centre Tour, where wonders beyond our planet come to life.

Duration : 7 Days

USA East Coast – KSC with Niagara Falls

Well, some places need no introduction and as is the East Coast: – it entails the biggest Space Program agency in the world “NASA” – a leader in Space exploration and technology.

Duration : 11 Days

USA East Cost – University Special

The US East Coast holds a myriad of special qualities that set it apart. Firstly, its rich historical significance makes it a captivating destination.

Duration : 8 Days

USA West Coast  – University Special

Rich in technology and entertainment this part of the US is no wonder the most sought-after destination amongst career enthusiasts

Duration : 9 Days

Turkey – Educational and Adventure Program

Captivating allure of Turkey through its extraordinary blend of history, culture, and architectural wonders that will leave you in awe.

Duration : 7 Days

Iceland – Nature and Adventure Program

Explore Iceland’s breathtaking landscapes, including towering waterfalls, geothermal hot springs, and volcanic terrain, while learning about its unique geology and environmental conservation efforts.

Duration : 7 Days

Singapore –  Technology & Environment Program with School Visit

Singapore is a must visit destination for students as it’s a true example of what a Country can achieve with efficient & able governance in just less than 50 years.

Duration : 5 Days

Singapore – The Future World Expedition

Dynamic blend of academia and industry through an immersive program that offers university education and invaluable industrial exposure.

Duration : 5 Days

Jewels of Europe – Italy Switzerland Germany

A perfect amalgamation of History, Nature and Technology, Students will get a unique opportunity to live the best of what History, Architecture and Nature has to offer.

Duration: 9 Days

Russia – History & Cultural Immersion

There is no doubt that education extends far beyond the classrooms and we believe that every student must get the opportunity to see the world outside their hometown state and country.

Duration : 7 Days

Dubai – University and Industrial Program

Dubai is a city that will inspire and ignite visionary leadership qualities in the students. Right from innovative and advanced architecture.

Duration : 5 Days

Australia – Adventure Program with Brisbane, Gold Coast & Sydney

Australia, commonly called the Land Down Under or just Down Under which derives from the countries’ position in the southern hemisphere at the antipodes of the United Kingdom.

Duration : 7 Days

Australia – University and Sports Program (Sydney | Canberra | Melbourne)

An expedition that offers you to explore a country which is a continent in itself. Australia as a destination serves as a great opportunity for students to experience an exceptional biodiversity.

Duration : 8 Days

The UK Expedition –  London with Scotland

Experience the vibrant multiculturalism of London with visits to iconic landmarks like the British Museum and Buckingham Palace, then delve into the rich history and breathtaking landscapes of Scotland with excursions to Edinburgh Castle and the majestic Scottish Highlands.

Duration : 8 Days

Himalayan Expedition in Nepal

Nepal presents a unique experience for Students to witness a distinct culture, majestic landscapes and highest peaks of Mt Everest, adventure sports like rock climbing, river rafting, paragliding and many more, which makes it a perfect destination for any age group.

Duration : 5 Days

London – History Architecture and Sports

Exposure to the Art, sports and political and historical monuments and museums gives a perfect educational exposure to the group.

Duration : 5 Days

Sri Lanka – The Ramayana Special

A captivating journey, where the ancient epic of Ramayana intertwines with history, unraveling tales of valor, devotion, & enchantment.

Duration : 7 Days

Kenya – Wildlife Ecosystems and Photography

Immerse yourself in vibrant tapestry of Kenya’s wildlife ecosystems and rich cultural heritage in one captivating journey.

Duration : 6 Days

Student Exchange Programme UK

Educational Experience with a difference – This programme is perfect for school groups who want to experience the UK school system from a pupil’s perspective.

Duration : 9 Days

UK Leadership Study Program – 14 Days

Engage in a language and cultural adventure in the UK, with interactive language workshops, visits to iconic landmarks, and vibrant city exploration, fostering language skills and cultural understanding through immersive experiences.

Duration : 10 Days