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Sri Lanka – The Ramayana Special

A captivating journey, where the ancient epic of Ramayana intertwines with history, unraveling tales of valor, devotion, & enchantment.

What’s in it for the Students?

  • Deepens understanding of ancient mythology
  • Historical sites and artifacts
  • Cultural immersion
  • Archaeological exploration
  • Natural beauty and biodiversity
  • Unique educational experience, combining history, mythology, culture, and natural sciences

Why Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka is an excellent choice for student tours due to its diverse range of educational and cultural experiences. The island offers a wealth of opportunities to explore ancient civilizations, lush wildlife, and stunning landscapes. Students can visit UNESCO World Heritage sites like Sigiriya, Polonnaruwa, and Anuradhapura, gaining insights into history and architecture. Sri Lanka’s biodiversity hotspots, such as Yala National Park, provide exciting wildlife encounters. Additionally, engaging with local communities, experiencing traditional arts and crafts, and trying authentic cuisine enrich the cultural learning experience, making Sri Lanka a fascinating and educational destination for student tours.

Where will you travel?



Nuwara Eliya


What will you Enjoy the most?

Ella Mountain Village

Beach areas in Hambantota


Beverly Street

What will galvanize you?

Yala National Park

Botanical Gardens

Temple of the Tooth

Edufiesta Special Inclusions

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Flights & Transport

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