Not All Classrooms Have 4 Walls

Our mission is to ignite curiosity, inspire discovery, and foster a love for lifelong learning through our exceptional educational travel programs. Whether you are a student looking to enhance your academic knowledge, a teacher seeking to enrich your curriculum, or an individual with an insatiable thirst for knowledge, we have an expedition tailored just for you.

Our Team

Mohit Khatri

Founder – Director

Mohit has a deep passion for travel, adventure sports and a commitment to provide transformative learning  experiences to students. By combining exploration with hands-on learning, he strives to inspire personal growth, cultural understanding, and a sense of adventure in the next generation.

Pallavi Mathur

Founder – Director

Pallavi is a compassionate individual driven by a dual passion for child welfare and travel. She combines her philanthropic efforts with her love for exploring the world, seeking opportunities to support and uplift children in various communities while immersing herself in diverse cultures, creating a meaningful impact on young lives.

Pankaj Agarwal

Director & Advisor Strategy

Pankaj, an IIM graduate, is currently at the helm of strategy and scale for Smart Group. With 23 years of experience, he has established himself as a serial entrepreneur, having successfully exited from two ventures.

As a part of the promoter group of IndiaMART, Pankaj played a crucial role in spearheading the company’s expansion in the West and North Indian markets. Additionally, he led the digital transformation efforts within the organization.

Mohit Srivastava

Advisor Strategic Partnerships & Affiliations

Mohit possesses extensive experience spanning over 22 years in the development and expansion of large-scale e-commerce ventures, establishing him as a prominent figure in the travel, technology, and hospitality sectors. With a deep understanding of strategy, growth, P&L management, alliances, and partner management, he has emerged as a thought leader in these domains.

During his tenure at MakeMyTrip, Mohit was a crucial member of the initial team. Additionally, he served as the Managing Director of Airbnb, where he played a pivotal role in launching and nurturing the Airbnb business in the Indian Sub-Continent and UAE.

CP Singh

Advisor – IT & Media

CP Singh is the visionary founder and leader of the Smart24x7 Group, a prominent organization at the forefront of personal safety and logistics solutions. With a passion for technology and a deep commitment to making a positive impact, CP Singh has been instrumental in revolutionizing the way employee transport and IOT solution work.

With a background in entrepreneurship and a keen understanding of the evolving needs of the modern world, CP Singh identified a crucial gap in logistics & personal safety services. This led him to conceptualize and develop the Smart24x7 system, which has since become a trusted and reliable name in the industry.

Our Journey

Edufiesta Expeditions has had an incredible journey thus far, filled with enriching educational experiences, transformative adventures, and countless moments of discovery. Since our inception, we have had the privilege of guiding students, educators, and lifelong learners on extraordinary expeditions around the globe. Here are some highlights of our journey:

  • Inaugural Expedition: Our inaugural expedition was to ISRO Shri Hari Kota, which filled us with immense pride and excitement. This ground-breaking journey allowed students to witness first-hand, the marvels of space exploration and experience the technological prowess of the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO). The program set the tone for our commitment to immersive learning experiences. This expedition to ISRO instilled a profound sense of pride and admiration among all our participants. They witnessed the remarkable strides India has made in the field of space exploration, fuelling their passion for science, technology, and innovation. Beyond the technical aspects, this journey fostered personal growth and inspired students to dream big. The inaugural expedition to ISRO Shri Hari Kota was a resounding success, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of all who participated. It was a testament to the power of educational travel in broadening perspectives, nurturing passions, and instilling a sense of pride and accomplishment.
  • Expansion of Destinations: As our reputation grew, so did our range of destinations. We expanded our expeditions to include fascinating locations such as the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, the cultural wonders of India, and the historic sites of Europe. Each destination offers a unique educational opportunity.
  • Collaboration with Local Communities: Edufiesta Expeditions believes in the importance of engaging with local communities to create a mutually beneficial relationship. We initiated collaborations with indigenous communities, schools, and local organizations in various countries. Through these partnerships, participants gained deeper insights into the local culture, traditions, and environmental challenges while supporting community development projects.
  • STEM-Focused Expeditions: Recognizing the growing importance of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education, we introduced specialized STEM-focused expeditions. These programs helps students with hands-on experiences in scientific research, engineering challenges, and environmental sustainability.
  • Service-Learning Projects: At Edufiesta Expeditions, we strongly believe in the power of service and giving back to communities. We are integrating service-learning projects into our itineraries, enabling participants to engage in meaningful volunteer work which could be from building schools in rural areas to participating in wildlife conservation efforts. These expeditions will instil a sense of empathy, social responsibility, and global citizenship.
  • Expansion of Participant Base: Over the years, Edufiesta Expeditions has welcomed students, educators, and lifelong learners from around the country. Our diverse participant base has contributed to a vibrant and inclusive learning environment, fostering cross-cultural understanding and lifelong friendships.

As we reflect on our journey so far, we are inspired by the countless stories of personal growth, transformative experiences, and lifelong connections that have emerged through our expeditions. We remain dedicated to continuously expanding our offerings, embracing new destinations, and providing exceptional educational adventures that leave a lasting impression on all who embark on this remarkable journey with us.