Global Expeditions


Student Exchange Programme UK

Educational Experience with a difference – This programme is perfect for school groups who want to experience the UK school system from a pupil’s perspective.

What’s in it for the Students?

  • Official School Welcome
  • UK School Buddy
  • UK School Curriculum (variety of academic subjects)
  • All Course Material
  • School Lunch
  • Extracurricular activities after school
  • Specialist course material
  • Host Family accommodation
  • 24 hrs support from Local Team
  • End of Course certificate
  • Cultural Tours

How it works?

International students will “buddy” up with British school children of the same age and follow the UK school curriculum each day for the duration of their stay. They will participate in a variety of academic subject classes (including STEM, Humanities, Social Sciences and the Arts) as well as physical education and sport…and all in English! Classes typically run from 09:00 – 15:00 on Monday to Friday after which students can join extra-curricular activities or take part in the optional activities and local visits

Edufiesta Special Inclusions

VISA Assistance

All Meals

Pre-Departure Assistance


Flights & Transport

Guided Tours

Domestic Flights in Foreign Land

Dedicated Journey Acharya

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