Global Expeditions


USA – Orlando KSC-Space Program

An unforgettable journey through space at the Orlando Space Centre Tour, where wonders beyond our planet come to life.

What’s in it for the Students?

Well, the destination offers a golden opportunity full of education, entertainment and experience that stays with you for life.

  • Seen those Sci-fi movies, well get a chance to witness the magic up close & personal in Kennedy Space Centre
  • Magic Kingdom
  • Universal Studios
  • Unlimited fun in world class amusement parks

What’s Special about the US East Coast?

Well, some places need no introduction and as is the East Coast: – it entails the biggest Space Program agency in the world “NASA” – a leader in Space exploration and technology. Right from getting spot-on learnings and hands-on knowledge in the world’s best space agency students get to experience the best of history, entertainment and amusement that the east coast has to offer.

Where will you travel?


What will you Enjoy the most?

Universal Studios

Coco Beach

Magic Kingdom

What will galvanize you?

Universal Studios

Kennedy Space Center

Magic Kingdom

Edufiesta Special Inclusions

VISA Assistance

All Meals

Pre-Departure Assistance


Flights & Transport

Guided Tours

Domestic Flights in Foreign Land

Dedicated Journey Acharya

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