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ISRO with Science & History

Explore the fascinating world of space science through hands-on exhibits, simulations, and a behind-the-scenes tour, gaining insights into satellite launches, space exploration, and the role of ISRO in India’s space program.

What’s in it for the Students?

At this important juncture of their life, this journey offers a lifetime opportunity for the students to understand how far we have come as a nation in terms of technology. ISRO visit, not only makes them believe in themselves but also in the opportunities and possibilities as a Country where India acts as a host for many developed and developing countries to launch their satellites.  

  • Culture & History  
  • Science & Technology 
  • Career prospects 
  • Interactions with the Scientist


SDSC Sriharikota Space Centre, is the rocket launch center operated by ISRO. What is fascinating about ISRO is that with limited means and resources the achievements of our space research organization have been just phenomenal. We take pride in making it possible for our students to visit the most prominent center of ISRO near Chennai and get inspired witnessing the way our Scientists make it look like a child’s play making a rocket in a span of just 3 months and launching it. The entire exposure to such advanced technology and innovative thinking is a great value add for students.

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Krishna’s Butter Ball

Auroville Trek

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GSLV & PSLV Launch Pads

Mission Control Center

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