Transformative Educational Journeys.

Celebrate Education with Travel

Transformative Educational Journeys.

Most Celebrated Programs

USA - Orlando Space Centre

6 Nights – An unforgettable journey through space at the Orlando Space Centre Tour, where wonders beyond our planet come to life.

ISRO Science & History

3 Nights – An enlightening exploration of the science and history behind India’s prestigious space agency, ISRO.

Kenya - Wildlife Ecosystems and Photography

6 Nights – Immerse yourself in vibrant tapestry of Kenya’s wildlife ecosystems and rich cultural heritage in one captivating journey.

Sri Lanka - Ramayana Special

6 Nights – A captivating journey, where the ancient epic of Ramayana intertwines with history, unraveling tales of valor, devotion, & enchantment.

Turkey - History, Culture and Architecture

6 Nights – Captivating allure of Turkey through its extraordinary blend of history, culture, and architectural wonders that will leave you in awe.

Singapore - University & Industrial Exposure Program

4 Nights – Dynamic blend of academia and industry through an immersive program that offers university education and invaluable industrial exposure.

Straight from the heart of our Expeditioners

Pride of India Programs

ISRO - Science and History - Kerala

4 Nights – A captivating odyssey through the remarkable scientific achievements and storied history of ISRO, India’s pioneering space agency, unraveling the mysteries of the cosmos

Andaman - History, Architecture and Adventure

4 Nights – Captivating journey through the Andaman Islands, where history unfolds, architectural wonders amaze, and thrilling adventures await at every turn.

Ranthambore - Wildlife and Photography

3 Nights – A thrilling adventure through Ranthambore, where wildlife roams free and photography enthusiasts capture breathtaking moments in the heart of nature’s realm.

Edufiesta Adventure Camps

School Adventure Camps

Experiential learning and personal growth at school adventure camps, where students explore, bond, and create unforgettable moments that shape their future.

Build Your Skills

Special Adventure Camp – Elevate your skills to new heights at a special adventure camp, where you’ll cultivate resilience, teamwork, and personal growth in an unforgettable setting.

Treks & Adventure Camp

Empowering student growth through thrilling treks and adventure camps, where unforgettable experiences and invaluable life skills are cultivated making learning more experiential.

Straight from the heart – from schools

"Our visit to ISRO was an awe-inspiring experience for our students. The knowledgeable guides, interactive sessions, and meeting scientists left a lasting impression. Witnessing the advancements in space exploration firsthand ignited a passion for science and technology, making it a truly enriching educational trip."

– Mrs. Ritu Sehgal
Headmistress, DPSG School

"We had an exceptional experience with Edufiesta Expeditions' ISRO trip. Their well-organized itinerary, knowledgeable guides, and immersive learning opportunities made it an unforgettable educational journey for our students."

– Mr. Trilok Singh Bisht
Principal, DPSG school

"The in-school adventure camp at DIS Edge School was a phenomenal experience. The well-structured activities, skilled facilitators, and focus on teamwork made it a memorable and enriching event for our students."

– Ms. Anieeta
Principal, DIS Edge Dwarka

What makes our Expeditions unique and truly educational

We believe in the power of experiential learning, which allows participants to actively engage with their surroundings and gain hands-on experiences.

Our journeys provide opportunities for students to explore diverse ecosystems, historical sites, cultural landmarks, and local communities. By immersing themselves in real-world contexts, participants develop a deeper understanding of the subjects they study and make meaningful connections between theory and practice.

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